How to torrent anonymously with the Six Strikes law

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Five top US internet service providers are, as of the 25th of February, now monitoring your internet traffic for torrent activity. As part of the six strikes law, they will send you six warnings. After those, your internet connection will be crippled. This is a fundamental invasion of your privacy. Luckily for you, there are… Read more »

How to skyrocket your seeding ratio using a Seedbox

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You’ll probably agree with us that maintaining a good ratio in quality private torrent communities is hard. Who wants to be kicked out of his favorite tracker, right? A seedbox is an extremely valuable resource when participating in private bitTorrent communities that will prevent you from ever being worried from your seeding ratio. It offers an easy… Read more »

What is a seedbox?

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Nowadays people are concerned about their privacy online whilst downloading torrents. And so they should be, with huge corporations monitoring peer-to-peer traffic and log every internet activity of yours. A Seedbox, combined with the right set of tools can provide a solution to your concerns… You may have heard the term ‘seedbox’ and been left wondering…… Read more »

ruTorrent 3.7 has been released!

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ruTorrent is a web frontend for the command line based torrent client “rtorrent”. It is designed to emulate the look and feel of µTorrent WebUI so it’s appearance is quite similar to the “parent”. The name “RuTorrent” is the combination of µTorrent and rTorrent. In the past few years, ruTorrent has became a standard client… Read more »