ruTorrent is a web frontend for the command line based torrent client “rtorrent”.

It is designed to emulate the look and feel of ĀµTorrent WebUI so it’s appearance is quite similar to the “parent”. The name “RuTorrent” is the combination of ĀµTorrent and rTorrent.

In the past few years, ruTorrent has became a standard client for many Seedbox providers, it offers great variety of features with many plugins and third-party plugins that has been developed for it, these allow you to utilize your Seedbox to it’s full potential.

For example: You can subscribe to a torrent RSS feed and automatically download torrents based on filters, get detailed information on your media files and create screenshots out of video files.

You can also manage your Seedbox files remotely, create torrents,unpack your torrent archive files automatically and plenty of other features!

This week, ruTorrent 3.7 has been released!

You can now download the latest version of ruTorrent below:
Download ruTorrent 3.7

Based on our communication with ruTorrent creator, we’ve learned that most of the changes has been on ruTorrent plugins so we believe they’ll offer greater stability and reliability in this version.

Below you can find some screen captures from ruTorrent 3.7

Are you familiar with Seedbox Providers that already support ruTorrent 3.7? please inform Seedbox Guide community and mention that in the comments below.

Happy seeding!

ruTorrent 3.7