Having a good ratio gives benefits like enhanced download speed, good reputation among peers and gives you more chance of invites.

Yet most of us tend to be not satisfied and frustrated with a low ratio.

Thus in this article, we’ll neither be going to hack nor cheat any system through your torrent clients.

The idea behind this is to give you a guide you would find useful for your torrent uploading and downloading.

1. Go for Fresh Torrents.

You can obtain a significant ratio when you’re able to grab a torrent file earlier on and seeds for the other downloaders.

New files are more likely to attract leechers than seeders. You’ll be able to upload more data when the newly added torrent files will have more leechers.

This way is more effective if you have a fast internet connection. Therefore, avoid old torrents.

2. Opt for Smaller Files.

It is more appealing for the downloaders to download smaller files than choosing bigger files.

They are likely to start leeching as soon as they are done because they have completed faster.

You can share smaller files right away in which sharing and re-uploading the smaller files give you a much higher ratio.

3. Use a higher leecher ratio than seeders.

Try looking for and always get a popular torrent with a higher number of initial leechers.

This would help in increasing torrent ratio quickly. When there are more leechers than seeders to a recently added file, the more bits and pieces you’ll be able to share with the community.

As soon as you start downloading, you would be able to upload instantly. Therefore, avoid torrents with many seeders.

4. Avoid Zero-leech torrent.

Neglect a file with zero leechers. It doesn’t boost your share ratio when no one is downloading your file.

When looking for the files on the list of torrents, look for the Leecher column and neglect anything that has a zero.

Once you have a stable and better ratio, it is time to snag anything you want. Don’t go for torrents with no leechers.

5. Cross Seeds.

Cross-seeding is a process of re-seeding a previously downloaded file by grabbing a file from one or two trackers and seed it on another to build up your ratio.

Before doing so, familiarize yourself with the rules of trackers if this practice is discouraged.

6. Adjust client download and upload limit.

Setting an appropriate upload and download limit can make a big difference.

The upload speed is usually a direct ratio of your download speed.

You gain a higher upload speed to and from your peers if you are downloading the torrent file at the same time.

7. Keep the Torrent Client working.

After completing the download of a torrent, keeping your torrent client seeding will increase your uploading rate.

Don’t delete or move the files to keep it running.Downloaded files can be copied from one location to another in order not to disturb the seeded file.

Downloaded files can be copied from one location to another in order not to disturb the seeded file.

8.Purchase Credits.

One can be rewarded with VIP status, top sharing ratio, and other benefits when using credits.

You are paying for the right to download files more than the other free users.

Though this doesn’t work with some torrent sites, you can gain credits just by staying active in their IRC channel.

9. Donate.

It is a good practice to donate especially when the site relies on donations in order to cope up with their server costs.

This act of gratitude will greatly affect your account status as you help out the torrent site community.

10. And lastly, use a private server. Get a Seedbox.

It is a private server that is used for uploading and downloading files using a remote torrent client on a private and dedicated server with a general speed of 100Mbit/s or higher while keeping your IP address away from prying eyes.
Having a seed box helps you gain much higher ratio due to guaranteed uptime connection for server availability.

By applying the tips we have shared above, you should be able to see the difference as you get the most favorable outcome ratios for your torrent files.