Why you need a seedbox

Super Fast

Download an HD movie in minutes!

Safe & Secure

Your ISP can't snoop on you or limit speeds

Always On

The seedbox stays running all the time

Know what you are looking for?

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Want to know more about seedboxes?

If you are a newcomer to the world of seedboxes then please read our guides about what they do and why you need one.

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The top 10

These are the top 10 seedbox providers based on rating and value for money

Host Plan Type Bandwidth Space Speed Torrents Score ? Price    
Fast Shared 500 GB 1Gbps 92 $17.00 Review Visit
Storm 1 Shared 3 TB 500 GB 1Gbps 88.9 $15.00 Review Visit
Ultra Power Storm-10G 700GiB Shared 5TB 700GiB 10 Gbps 88.8 $23.53 Review Visit
200GB Mini Slots Shared 200 GB 100Mbps 88.1 $5.35 Review Visit
LW-1800 PRO Shared unmetered 1800 GiB 1Gbps 88 $42.75 Review Visit
Rapid Shared 1.4 TB 1Gbps 87.10 $34.00 Review Visit
Netherlands Small Plan Shared unlimited 500 GB 1Gbps 86.8 $15.00 Review Visit
Canada Small Plan Shared unlimited 800 GB 1Gbps 86.8 $15.00 Review Visit
15M1000G Shared 1000 GB 1Gbps 86.8 $30.00 Review Visit
90GB Semi Local Box Shared 90 GB 100Mbps 86.7 $8.99 Review Visit
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