question-mark-1495858_640Nowadays people are concerned about their privacy online whilst downloading torrents.

And so they should be, with huge corporations monitoring peer-to-peer traffic and log every internet activity of yours.

A Seedbox, combined with the right set of tools can provide a solution for your concerns…

You may have heard the term ‘seedbox’ and been left wondering…

“What is a seedbox?”.

So, what is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote server at a high-speed data center with a public IP address that is used to safely downloading and uploading files using torrents at very high speeds.

These speeds range from 100Mbps (8MB/s) to 10Gbps (1250MB/s) . People with access to a Seedbox can download these files to their personal computers anonymously.

Simply put, you get a share of a computer that has a super fast internet connection. The sole function of this computer is to download and upload torrents. There are numerous benefits to downloading torrents using a seedbox. This article will explain why you need a seedbox.



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How to use a Seedbox

Each Seedbox has one of more torrent clients with web user interface that you can log into via any browser where you can control your Seedbox remotely.

In the interface, you can load torrent files or torrent URLs and once loaded they will start downloading immediately and will seed the torrent afterward, once again, remotely with no tracks to the local desktop IP of the Seedbox user.

Once the torrent has downloaded on the Seedbox, it’s hosted there waiting for you to download it whenever you wish.

Downloading is commonly done via an FTP or SFTP connection to the Seedbox using an FTP Client (We recommend FileZilla), some Seedbox vendors also provide an HTTP file browser that allows you to download files from the Seedbox via a web browser.

Either way, this prevents any torrent traffic from coming from your home internet connection but instead you only initiate legitimate FTP/HTTP traffic that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should permit.

What you get from a Seedbox

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is a Seedbox?” we can proceed and explain why it’s really awesome!

High speed downloads

Seedboxes allow you to download at unprecedented speeds. Seedboxes are inside data centers that have incredibly fast connections to the internet. You can get seedboxes with connections that range from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

The connection of a 1Gbps seedbox is so incredibly fast that the hard disk is actually the limiting factor on the download speed because of the write speed of the disk. Some providers now offer SSD seedboxes in order to enable even faster speeds.

What is a seedbox? This is a seedbox.

Wondering 'What is a seedbox?' This is a screenshot of a Seedbox downloading at 100MB/s

Above is a screenshot of a seedbox downloading a file at 160MB/s! To put this into perspective, you could download a full HD film in about 2 minutes. You could download an entire OS in 40 seconds. You could download an entire TV series in HD in one minute.

So, are you are tired of waiting for large files to download? Or is your internet connection not up to scratch? Then you are in need of a seedbox.

One thing to note with this is that you will still need to download the file from your seedbox over you standard home connection. This should download at the maximum speed your home internet is able to.


Privacy / Safety

Seedboxes are remotely hosted so you don’t need to worry about getting scary letters from lawyers telling you to stop downloading torrents.

This is because you aren’t actually using the BitTorrent protocol that is monitored from your home IP address.

This makes it much more difficult for you to be tracked and targetted. A lot of seedbox providers offer VPN services in addition that further anonymize your internet usage.

Furthermore, if you sign up to a service that accepts bitcoins or pay with a prepaid credit card whilst using a VPN, there is no personally identifying information linking you to your seedbox provider. More on using seedboxes anonymously will come to this site soon.

So if you want to download torrents anonymously and without the risk of getting extortionate fines from copyright agencies then you need a seedbox.


It’s important to note that most seedbox providers don’t allow the use of public trackers such as The Pirate Bay. This is sensible because the agencies that track and fine torrent users mainly monitor public trackers.Once you manage to get

Once you manage to get into a private tracker, the main issue you will likely have is maintaining your ratio (uploading as much as you download).

With a seedbox maintaining your ratio is simple. A seedbox comes with a large hard drive is constantly on, so you can download a file using a private tracker and then leave the file on the seedbox uploading.This takes no effort on your part and maintains your ratio on the site. No need to worry about your upload traffic at home either because it’s all done remotely.

This takes no effort on your part and maintains your ratio on the site. No need to worry about your upload traffic at home either because it’s all done remotely.

So, if you’re worried about maintaining your ratio of private torrent trackers then a seedbox is the right choice.

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Circumvent ISPs

ISPs can be rather sneaky when it comes to you using their service. If an ISP thinks you are using too much of their bandwidth, they will ‘shape‘ your torrent traffic effectively limiting you to a slower speed.A seedbox avoids this by not using torrent traffic on your home ISP.

A seedbox avoids this by not using torrent traffic on your home ISP. Additionally, your BitTorrent ports might be blocked by your ISP which is also avoidable by using a seedbox.

To download files from your seedbox you use FTP. If you use SFTP or FTPS (TLS) then your connection between you and the Seedbox is encrypted and your ISP can’t see what you are downloading, only how much you are downloading. An alternative to this is to use a VPN which many seedbox providers offer as part of their service.

If your ISP shapes your traffic or you are worried about your ISP snooping on your traffic then we would recommend that you use a seedbox.


Seedboxes are convenient to use, you don’t need a computer that’s always on eating up your data allowance. You don’t need to worry about upsetting roommates by downloading large files and slowing down the internet for everyone. You can even set up your seedbox to read a trackers RSS feed and automatically download specific files as soon as they are released. We’ll write more about torrent and seedbox automation soon.

If you want your torrenting life to be made easier and simplified then you need to get a seedbox.

How do I get a seedbox?

Now that you know what a seedbox is and why you need a Seedbox, you probably wonder how to get a Seedbox and which one?

Seedbox Guide provides a powerful list of seedbox providers that you can search, filter and sort.We list hundreds of Seedbox plans and allow customers to add reviews about specific plans.

We list hundreds of Seedbox plans and allow customers to add reviews about specific plans.

Seedbox Guide also uniquely scores Seedbox plans based on their specifications like storage, speed, price, traffic limits, customer support and more.Based on our experience in the niche you can make an informed decision.

Based on our experience in the niche you can make an informed decision.

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