Lately there was a very interesting ruling in Australia. A judge forced an ISP to give out all the information of all the clients who uploaded the ‘Dallas Buyer Club’ movie, the IP details and whoever is connected to it.

The news are very ground-breaking for the Australia community, and every person who uses the BitTorrent protocol is probably wary of the judgement and is not liking it.

Judgement Day is finally coming for Australian file-sharers? Well, if you are on this website you have a slightest detail of what is a Seedbox & VPN, two services which could easily remove any such future threats for the Australian community.

Technically it wasn’t people downloading “Dallas Buyers Club” who their information was revealed, it was people uploading the movie. BitTorrent works by breaking a file into parts and letting users download those parts from each other rather than from a central point. Then they ask ISPs to identify the account holders using those IP addresses. By using a Seedbox, you never upload anything from your computer, and never with your country ISP, so you bypass this easily.

Mastering anonymity this days is very easy. You have ready services for that if you are interested in continuing using BitTorrent safely on the long-term.

We hope this ruling will be appealed for the Australian people, and we will stay in tuned to what is developing there.

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