Seedstorm is a division of and has been in business since 2008. On this review, we will be focusing on their Storm 1 which features a 500gb disk space, 3 TB bandwidth, 1 Gbps download and 300Mbps upload speeds. You can also choose between a US or NL server. Ours was a US server and the test seedbox runs in rtorrent with rutorrent as its default client.

You can find other plans from Seedstorm: Seedstorm Plans


Download speeds were pretty good. The average speed is usually around 25-30Mbps. Downloading a 2.5 GB file took less than 2 minutes to download. There’s a 3 TB monthly limit on this plan which can become a problem if you are a heavy user. Only Upload is counted to your bandwidth and if you go over your limit you will be limited to 10Mbit (1.2MB/s) upload. You can also purchase additional bandwidth if needed.

Customer Service

A company’s future will largely depend on how good and fast it’s customer service. Seedstorm’s support is good and their response are direct to the point. We had an issue with changing the client to Deluge and we got a response after 24 hours. Although this issue was not an urgent matter and was just mostly a feedback.


Seedstorm default is rtorrent but you can also change this to Deluge by logging into your seedbox manager. In this area you will have the option to restart your seedbox or change the client to Deluge. We had a bit of an issue changing clients. Clicking change client button did not change it to deluge right away. We had to click on it 3x before we saw it change to deluge successfully.Same thing happens if we switch from deluge to rtorrent. Other than this, the control panel is simple and well organized. Here you can view bandwidth and hard drive usage.



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