Another seedbox provider that is trying to catch up with the other host providers is promises to be an ideal provider just like what the other host providers are giving to their clients. It is fully-featured and at par with other well-known host providers like

Speed, reliability and customer service efficiency were put to test in order for us to give our impression on this package plan they offer.

This review focuses on Bat Box package from Griffin server with rtorrent as the default torrent client installed. It has a disk storage of 400GB with server downlnk and uplink of 20Gbps respectively. This plan supports Plex, ftp, sftp, ssh, http, and openVPN. The server’s location is in The Netherlands.

Other plans they offer are available here:


Using rtorrent with an rutorrent as its front-end, few torrent files of varying sizes were downloaded. Considering that these are of various file sizes, the estimated time to finsih a donwload also varies. From the test conducted, there is one torrent file that has not started to download for quite sometime. It is noticeable that the ratio is zero. That would be pretty bad compared to other files being downloaded.

Just take a look at the screenshot below and you can see how the speed in Mbps increases. One may say that it is a remarkable speed but knowing that the bandwidth available is being shared among many users or clients, it should have been at least near to the ideal speed.

Based from experience with this certain plan, the torrent files being downloaded are not underseeded. These are the most downloaded and shared files over the torrent community. Leechers and seeders share these files frequently.

The screenshot of the rtorrent activity is shown below for your own judgement. on Seedbox Guide

Customer Service

To try how reliable and efficient the customer service is, a ticket was sent in order for them to answer. A response was sent just in two hours. We can’t expect that a very quick response to an opened ticket would be given. Compared with other host providers, two hours of waiting is already remarkable.

One good feature of the ticket reply was a thorough explanation which an average client can understand. This is one of the crucial features that a seedbox host provider can give to their clients.

Software dashboard is responsive and offers one of the good dashboards that has so many features. The client’s area contains the seedbox’s general information like registration date, package, server IP and its general status. A graphical representation of storage usage is readily available.

Lastly, supports essential plugins that are installable. They support autodl_irssi, http access, owncloud, rapidleech, couch potato, masonic, subsonic and many others.



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