As per their website, Iseedfast offers seedboxes with seamless performance at an affordable price, constant updates with plugins and 24/7 customer support. This review is for their SEEDFAST BASIC plan priced at $3/month.


This plan has the following features:

50GB Space
1TB Monthly Bandwith
1GBPS Network Speed
0.9.6 Rutorrent
Transroid Support
Unlimited Active Torrent
Re starter
No Public Tracker
FTP/SFTP Support
Sonarr Support
Netherland Server

You can find more Iseedfast plans here: Iseedfast Plans



Speeds are quite good. We’ve downloaded 10 popular torrents and the download speed we got averages from 40-50 Mbps with a 5-6Mbps upload speed. Iseedfast does support public trackers but it will not seed once the download has been completed. Private trackers have no restrictions.



Customer Service

Good customer service is the heart of all business companies, big or small. It’s very important to provide excellent and fast service to keep up with the competition and stay in business for a long time.

Our seedbox crashed after deleting a bunch of torrents and they were able to answer our tickets in just a few hours. Although by that time we were able to get our seedbox restarted already.


Iseedfast’s control panel is different from the others. You will need to download the dashboard app via a link they will send you to your email:


This dashboard app features tutorials, FAQs and also has a chat area where you can talk with other users and support staff. Although this app is quite unique, a lot of users would prefer using a web based control panel for a much easier access.



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