Dentoo is another seedbox and dedicated server provider that has been around the business for quite sometime now. As mentioned on their website, they offer reliable seedbox with a webbased control panel and 24/7 customer support.

This review will be for their Seedbox XS plan that has the following features:

Torrentflux Webpanel
Max 15 torrents
25 GB Space
100 Mbit / 100 Mbit
No Up/Down Limit
i7 12 GB Ram
FTP, Create torrent

Other Dentoo plans they offer are available here: Dentoo Plans



This plan’s default client is Torrentflux. Now, if you are used to using rtorrent or deluge as your torrent client then it might take awhile for you to get used to the interface but they do have a Torrentflux Quickstart Guide posted on their site. As for the download, we have noticed that it takes awhile for torrents to get downloading started but speeds are pretty good, average download speed is around 10-12Mbps.



Customer Service

Good customer service is very important because it increases customer loyalty. If a customer has a really good experience chances are they will keep coming back and also recommend the said company to other people which means more business.

Dentoo’s customer service is fast. We have 2 seedboxes with them and we received an email from their customer service that one of the seedboxes crashed and that they have fixed the issue without us informing them first about the crash. This only shows how they really care about their customers.




As mentioned above, Torrentflux is your only client and your control panel as well. There’s no option to switch to Deluge or rTorrent/ruTorrent. To access control panel, you will need to login to a webpage and then you will now be able to add and remove any torrent. The flux panel also auto-refreshes so you can real time updates on your speeds.  If you are a beginner they do have guides on their site on how to use Torrentflux.



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