Seedbox Guide Computer

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote server hosted in a high-bandwidth data center used for the safely uploading and downloading of digital files. These speeds range from 100Mbps (8MB/s) to 10Gbps (1250MB/s). Persons with access to a seedbox can download these files to their personal computers anonymously. Seedboxes often have other features included like OpenVPN, secure remote desktop, automation tools and more. (Wikipedia)

Highly Recommended Seedbox Providers

The following seedbox providers gained a lot of positive feedback and highly recommended by many users across different torrent forums:

  1. RapidSeedbox: Deployed almost 16,000 seedboxes and counting. Provides unlimited traffic guarantees 99.9% uptime and around-the-clock real-time support.
  2. DediSeedbox: Promises instant activation of your Seedbox upon ordering. Offers up to 3TB/s bandwidth from servers located in The Netherlands at the well-known Evoswitch data center.
  3. Know also to give a stable connectivity based on high-grade carriers and also employ dedicated support team standing by 24/7 to answer their clients’ needs.
  4. SeedboxBay: Another affordable Seedbox provider that offers different plans to choose from. They grant excellent CPU and I/O performance with a 1Gbps connection and unlimited bandwidth.


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  • yurmom1337

    I have had dediseedbox for the past year and a half, good service until the past 2 months. i have had seedbox timed out issues while trying to use the rutorrent web interface every 2 weeks. the server staus page never shows network issues, but once i fill out a trouble tivket with dediseedbox support the issue is resolved within 1 – 3 hours. its is getting a bit annoyong to experience this every 2 weeks. i may be shopping for a new seedbox host for nest month.

  • t0rrmag1c

    I had seedboxbay for a year. Their QoS was terrible, and customer support is either regularly unresponsive, very slow to respond (average response time of 1-3 days, and only contact method is an email support form, no chat or phone), and typically offered no real assistance with problems, and would only reply with something along the lines of, “the problem is resolved now. Everything appears to be fine.” I regularly experienced connection problems, and I’m fairly certain they throttle downloads to/from the box to remain at an average of 1MB/sec. Sometimes speeds will momentarily get up to as high as 2-3MB/sec, but only when multiple downloads are running, and only briefly. Sometimes I was unable to have more than one download running at a time (either in the torrent GUI, or via my downloader, regardless of the number of connections active). On numerous occasions, I was unable to connect at all. And when I was able to connect normally, the load times were incredibly slow. I have a great high-speed cable connection, and lived in metropolitan areas in 2 different states during the time I had their service, and it was never very dependable. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we’ll update our list very soon based on new benchmarks we’ve made.

  • sachmo

    I had Dediseedbox for the last 5 years and had constant 7MB downloads then they moved the servers a couple of weeks ago and the speeds went down to under 1 MB/s downloads. When I filled out a ticket they told me that I can’t expect hi speeds being as their servers are in the Netherlands, Which they have always been. This is my last month with them when the months runs out so does my account. Too bad because I always had great service untill now.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we’ll re-evaluate them.

    • Roy Hill

      You can try to tunnel to the NL to try to bypass the throttle. I do not think it is them. (that is what the tracert tool is used for)

  • Andrew Saxton

    i havet used meggafast for 7 years i have had a few issues but always sorted out the same day cant complain at 3 quid a month

  • Carloclese Clutsicus

    I checked Dediseedbox’s website regarding their 2017 Small Netherlands plan. On this site, you show they have Shell access. I’m assuming you meant as a standard user Shell Access via SSL, because no where on their site, for this specific plan, does it mention Root Shell Access. I sent them an email to confirm and just waiting on a reply.